Since 2004, Advanced Payroll Solutions has been offering trusted payroll services Ohio businesses trust with their payroll. Through quality, competitive payroll services, we’re able to offer our clients a better solution than the ones they keep running into. Born out of Marino & Company CPA, we use an already seasoned background in accounting and finances, coupled with a payroll solution that can’t be found elsewhere. We took these two things and decided to upgrade our systems, advance our knowledge and gain more and more expertise so that we could compete with the larger companies without losing our personal touch. This personal touch is just one of the things that set us apart.

Here at Advanced Payroll Solutions, we’re completely dedicated to being responsive to our clients’ needs and requests. This passion for personalized service makes us easy to work with because we make a point to take care of your needs right away.

We understand that you’re busy running you’re company and there are simply just some things that you don’t have time to take care of – like payroll. It’s especially hard for business owners who don’t have accounting backgrounds or the time to learn accounting software. Let Advanced Payroll Solutions take this weight off your shoulders and take care of your payroll. We’ll help you by making sure you’re staying current on tax rates, compliance due dates, and required tax filings. We provide this affordable solution to your business’ payroll so that you can stay focused and do what you do best.