The advantages of hiring a payroll solutions company in Ohio can be innumerable. Advanced Payroll Solutions offer the payroll solutions Ohio residents have trusted since 2004. With a true dedication to our clients and their needs, this personal touch has given us an advantage over other big, impersonal payroll companies. Today we’re going to talk about the benefits of outsourcing your payroll to Advanced Payroll Solutions.

Firstly, when you hire us you get accountability. With constantly changing tax regulations, tax issues are becoming more and more prolific. We can offer you services that you need to file your state and federal payroll taxes while making sure everything is correct. With us, you don’t have to remember tax deadlines, the latest tax codes, deposit requirements, tax tables, payroll software, or government forms.

Secondly, with us you get the tax expertise that you need to protect your business against the aforementioned errors. In fact, according to the IRS, at least 40% of small businesses end up pay tax penalties each year due to late or incorrect filings. The value of saving yourself all of this trouble is reason enough to hire us.

With Advanced Payroll Solutions, you also get an increased level of productivity. When you leverage the expertise of our payroll solutions, you’re able to stop wasting time trying to figure out payroll and payroll software, tax forms, and everything else in between. You get to spend time focusing on the things you’re good at and what you love doing for your small business. Because payroll management is such a time-consuming activity, removing this burden can allow you and your employees to focus on more productive items within their realm of expertise.