Dear Santa,

The staff here at Advanced Payroll Solutions would like to take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays. We are looking forward to another coal-less Christmas here at the office. However, to cement our position on the “nice” list, we have written this brief letter to let you know how your organization would benefit from our payroll solutions. We have a very broad spectrum of services ranging from regular payroll processing to W2 dissemination and annual reconciliations. Using Advanced Payroll Solutions would also allow you to retrain your payroll elves to pursue their dreams as toy makers. Of course, we would expect Hermey to continue his life’s work as a dentist. Our services extend far beyond arranging direct deposit for your elves and reindeer. For example:

  • When the light on Rudolph’s nose goes out and causes a bad rooftop landing or an elf hammers a thumb instead of a nail, we will be there with Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Filing and Audit support.
  • If a reindeer injures a hoof playing reindeer games, whatever those are, the reindeer’s family doesn’t need to worry about coverage, because we are able to manage your company-wide health insurance, health savings accounts, and flexible spending accounts.
  • Charlie-In-The-Box, The Spotted Elephant, and everyone else on The Island of Misfit Toys will still receive their 1099 vendor checks and we’ll cover all your 1096/1099 reporting at year’s end.
  • Even if Yukon Cornelius never strikes it rich as a prospector, he will still have his retirement thanks to the 401k and IRA plans we arrange.

As you can see, we are a perfect fit for you at the North Pole, and it would be our honor to serve your organization. Visit our site to see the many other payroll services we offer. No organization is too big or small for our services.


Advanced Payroll Solutions Staff